Buyer Journey Enablement

Perpetos focuses on Buyer Journey Enablement for B2B organisations. We are structured outside-in by design to help our clients overcome ’Age of the Customer’ challenges.

We achieve significant corporate performance improvements by deploying a methodology and best-in-class frameworks. We stay with our customers until the results are achieved. It’s not what we do that’s unique; it’s the way that we do it.

What sets us apart?

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l'Excellence commerciale


How about commercial excellence?

Commercial excellence is knowing the customer so well that you fully understand them as well as their surroundings. This allows your company to anticipate their needs and expectations via sales and marketing communication by telling the right thing at the right time and showing them the impact and value of what you have to offer. Promoting itself or merely listening and asking questions no...

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A customer-oriented organisation in five steps


A customer-oriented organisation in five steps

Are sales still the exclusive domain of the sales department? If so, you may have a problem, as customer interaction has changed dramatically. Customer contacts increasingly take place via other channels, such as the Internet, social media or relations. The preparation of purchases is also strongly influenced online. Everybody has a commercial role Your salespersons are not the only ones who...

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Les domaines dans lesquels les vendeurs s’égarent le plus


Areas where salespeople struggle the most

As long as too many salespeople continue to make the following three mistakes, your sales costs will be too high. A higher conversion rate and a higher margin on your deals can be achieved by avoiding the following errors:   1. Incomplete needs analysis Unfortunately, this is a classic mistake: questions are limited to what is required for drawing up an offer. This results in conversations...

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