Sales Enablement

Get the best out of your sales teams by making them do the right thing at the right time with the right decision maker. Win more deals at a lower cost of sales.


Content Enablement

Give your sales teams all the information they need to be productive. Deliver them relevant documentation to have meaningful conversations with your customers.


Buyer Journey Enablement

Put your customers at the centre of all your activities. Offer them insights instead of just more sales talk.


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Why the classic sales model does not work

Are you thinking about implementing a new sales process, but you cannot separate the wheat from the chaff? There are theories that may sound nice but do not work in practice and thinking in terms of complex, modern or simple does not always guarantee quality. A sales process is difficult to impose, it needs proper implementation. Questions you must ask yourself for every sales model The...

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uitdaging verkoop beeldje


The greatest challenge in sales

Even before most customers go to a supplier, they have gathered information and seek an answer to specific questions. A traditional salesman who displays his excellent product knowledge in his sales pitch and who has mastered the conventional negotiating techniques does not meet his quotas anymore. An exceptional salesman, on the other hand, knows in which purchase phase the customer contact has...

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Le défi de la productivité des ventes


The sales productivity challenge

In his blogpost on sales productivity and competency, The Value Shift CEO Dave Fitzgerald, discusses the most important reasons for the ongoing decline of quota attainment. In analysing results with our prospects and customers, we find overwhelming evidence that lack of knowledge and experience are the challenges to overcome. Let’s have a look at the numbers first. CSO’s yearly study on quota...

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