Do you have an impact on your clients?

Do you understand your clients' challenges well enough to offer them solutions? Do your employees focus on selling added value? Do the test to find out where you stand compared to ‘best in class’ B2B companies.

Do the test and see your benchmark

Your HR policy and business strategy

Does your HR policy support your business strategy? Do you have motivated, ambitious workers and can you retain your talented employees? Discover your organization's strengths and possible points for improvement. If you don't score very well, you’ll be offered an initial recommendation for getting the most out of your employees while also giving them more satisfaction.

Do the test and see your benchmark

About Perpetos

We support B2B organizations working on their dynamics, competitiveness, productivity and growth. We design your entire organization to meet the needs of the customer and increase your corporate performance through transformation projects in strategy execution, sales effectiveness, marketing alignment, leadership development and employee engagement.

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Sales and marketing designed for the client


Sales and marketing designed for the client

Surely it goes without saying that sales and marketing departments work to serve clients? But think about it: is this really the case, and do they work well together? The alignment of sales and marketing is now more urgent than ever. Globalisation and the internet have radically changed the way people buy. Sellers used to be the most important sources of information, but now potential customers...

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source: SiriusDecisions, mai 2014


Companies fancy it again

How a wearisome week can be extremely inspiring: ten days ago I made a last-minute decision to go to the SiriusDecisions Summit in Orlando. I don’t regret it for a second, and I bet none of the 2000 other attendees do either. There wasn’t just the positive message that companies are fully focused on growth again, because confidence for the future is greater than it’s been for a number years;...

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Are you appealing enough for prospective clients?

Are you good at selling your company, products and services? The majority of sales and marketing managers answer ‘yes’ to this question, but the facts don’t back them up. A recent study by CSO Insights shows that almost 70% of companies aren’t able to generate useful leads. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Things often go wrong the very first time contact is made. Compare the following...

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