Buyer Journey Enablement

Perpetos focuses on Buyer Journey Enablement for B2B organisations. We are structured outside-in by design to help our clients overcome ’Age of the Customer’ challenges.

We achieve significant corporate performance improvements by deploying a methodology and best-in-class frameworks. We stay with our customers until the results are achieved. It’s not what we do that’s unique; it’s the way that we do it.

What sets us apart?

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Le défi de la productivité des ventes


The sales productivity challenge

In his blogpost on sales productivity and competency, The Value Shift CEO Dave Fitzgerald, discusses the most important reasons for the ongoing decline of quota attainment. In analysing results with our prospects and customers, we find overwhelming evidence that lack of knowledge and experience are the challenges to overcome. Let’s have a look at the numbers first. CSO’s yearly study on quota...

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Comment choisir le bon processus et la bonne méthode de vente


How to select the right sales process and methodology

The age of the customer demands a different approach The combination of technological changes in the internet, mobility and social media has changed the way customers buy. Knowing your customers better than they know themselves and engaging with them in a buyer-aligned way is the only sustainable competitive advantage moving forward. Research by Forrester shows that 74% of executive buyers, once...

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Le CRM : corbeille à papier ou outil ?


CRM: wastebasket or tool?

Many companies currently focus on big data. Unfortunately, small data are all too often forgotten, as if this problem has been solved now. In B2B, however, we are confronted every day with incomplete databases, outdated information and customer data stored in individual salespeople’s smartphones or in all kinds of Excel lists. New contacts’ business cards, LinkedIn updates, website visits and...

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