Do you have an impact on your clients?

Do you understand your clients' challenges well enough to offer them solutions? Do your employees focus on selling added value? Do the test to find out where you stand compared to ‘best in class’ B2B companies.

Do the test and see your benchmark

Your HR policy and today’s customer

Does your HR policy support the new demands of today’s customer? Have you developed a strategy to adapt skills and behaviour? Are people focused on customer impact? What about willingness to change? Can you visualise each employee’s contribution? Discover your organisation's strengths and possible points for improvement. After the test, you’ll be offered an initial recommendation for getting the most out of your employees while ensuring they’re happy too.

Do the test and find your benchmark

Buyer Journey Enablement for B2B

Perpetos focuses on Buyer Journey Enablement for B2B organisations. We are structured outside-in by design to help our clients overcome ’Age of the Customer’ challenges. We achieve significant corporate performance improvements by deploying a methodology and best-in-class frameworks. We stay with our customers until the results are achieved. It’s not what we do that’s unique; it’s the way that we do it.

What sets us apart?

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De la stratégie d’entreprise à la stratégie de l'expérience client


From business strategy to customer experience strategy

Since last month, the Dutch Nyenrode Business Universiteit organises a modular master class of seven days spread over two months. The ‘Customer Experience Strategy & Execution’ master class focuses on the processes and technologies each company needs to master in order to change along with the continually evolving customers in this digital age. As I take care of part of the master class, I...

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Sept conseils pour augmenter votre impact sur le marché


Seven tips to increase your impact on the market

Your sales and marketing activities need to help you increase the impact on your customers and on the market. But how to organise this? Seven major tips are given below: 1. Use buyer personas In B2B, salespeople need to use buyer personas to develop a perfect understanding of the daily life of their contacts: what are their responsibilities and challenges, what are they looking for, is something...

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L'ère du client : cinq pièges


The age of the customer: five pitfalls

I often hear that customers have changed drastically in recent years. What has actually changed is their way of interaction. Your sales, marketing and products have to adapt to this evolution, and a number of pitfalls may show up in the process. 1. You do not send the right message Most websites I visit are continuously referring to ‘we’ and the benefits of working with ‘us’. This is of no...

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