Technology to boost sales performance

Know where your leads come from for a better mix

Marketing communication requires more than just a single action. You need a successfull mix.

“Marketing communication requires more than just a single action,” says Robert Gavin for Marketo, who we filmed recently when he came to visit. So of course you need a mix, but what’s the best mix? Marketing automation can help you find out where your leads come from, and check that your inbound program is working properly. This doesn’t just help you forecast your income; you can also adapt your communication mix based on real results.

Most marketing automation software packages have built-in analytics to help you trace where your leads come from, find out how often your information is searched for, and see how people progress through your company’s marketing pipeline. This last aspect is at least as important as the sales pipeline, even though it is sometimes overlooked by marketing people. It boils down to measuring both of them, and trying to improve the inflow and conversion rate.

In principle, companies are getting more leads than before because clients have become more independent and prefer to make their own decisions. The better you know where your leads come from, the more of them you can try to get. Clients are increasingly going online to find information about your activities, and marketing automation is way of doing the same thing to find out about your clients.

Robert Gavin: “The US market focuses on lead generation; the more new names emerging at the top of the marketing funnel, the happier the US marketing people are. In Europe the emphasis is more on lead nurturing and maintaining a good relationship with clients and known prospects.”


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