Effective Sales Management in today's buyer driven economy

Empowered salesman

Buying behaviour has fundamentally changed over the past ten years. But there are still lots of companies approaching buyers of today with outdated best practices and mindsets, or continuing to advocate the old way of selling. Research shows that sales management continues to struggle with performance management in this changing environment. In this webinar we share the keys for sales management to be the driver for growth and continuous improvement.

Sales Productivity: Selling vs. buying

Buyer journey enablement

Today most companies are faced with fierce competition and changing customer buying behavior. In this fresh sales webinar you will uncover how to use this to your advantage. Increased win-rates and combined with less press pressure will be the result.

Overcoming the Sales Learning Curve

Research shows a year over year continued degradation of sales quota attainment. The learning process of each seller should also become part of the corporate culture. Your sales team needs permanent training and coaching. Find out what can management do in this eye-opening webinar.

Time is money. How to increase Sales Win Rates

Sales performance

In this webinar, Pascal Persyn will cover the principles to build a world class sales team. We see that only 54% of sales people attained their quota in 2015. Whereas both sales and management agree that sales are not spending enough time on core activities. So which activities are consuming so much of our precious selling time? How can selling time be improved? And how can we surround sales with a team that helps to increase their win rates. This calls for a new way of managing and supporting sales people.