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Ready for selling in the new normal? 

How to acquire new customers today

The 3rd webinar “How to acquire new customers today” offers concrete answers to be relevant for prospects in these times. A ready to implement framework will be presented for the different needed contact touch points and will answer questions such as:

  • What are customers open to? How to find out and create sufficient trust to discuss?
  • Which mix of digital, virtual and, where possible, physical conversations work best?
  • How to package the sales messages so that the customer takes action?

Perpetos Webinar

Taking the lead in the aftermath

The 5 must have new competencies
How to avoid the 4 biggest pitfalls
What do we already know that will change permanently

Perpetos Webinar

Value creation in erratic times

How to continuously update the insights about our customers?
Converting the changing insights into added value
How to enable sales to be highly relevant in their interactions?
How to ensure that customers are willing to pay for the added value

Perpetos Webinar

Dealing with an unpredictable forecast

Changes in how to manage, follow up and coach commercial people
How to quickly add scenarios in reporting allowing for better informed business decisions
Enable management to implement the changes