Effectieve verkoopvaardigheden voor nieuwe medewerkers

David had laatst een prospect aan de lijn

Een verhaal dat ik kort met je wou delen

We kregen deze e-mail van Michael Hebda, Directeur Marketing Noord-Amerika bij MEGA International. Perpetos trainde Mega’s Salesteams wereldwijd. We implementeerden een Buyer-Aligned Salesproces dat verkopers in staat stelt hun acties af te stemmen op de koopcyclus van klanten. Bedankt Mike, dat we een voorbeeld van de impact van deze verandering mogen delen! 


I wanted to share a quick story with you. David was on the phone with a prospect the other day and the gentleman was pressuring David for a demo.

The prospect pushed further by telling David that he already had demos scheduled with two of our competitors, and wanted to see MEGA’s as well. David engaged the gentleman in a conversation about expectations, executive support, etc., and determined the prospect was between 6 and 8 o’clock on the buying clock.

When David summarized the scenario for the prospect by saying that we first wanted to get an understanding of the CIO’s goals, discuss specific pains, short- and long-term goals, etc., the gentleman had an epiphany …
He told David “You’re right. Moving forward at this stage, with none of the necessary information in place, would be a waste of time. I’m going to cancel the other two demos and re-approach this initiative correctly.”MEGA new logo

I thought it was worth sharing that David used Buyer-Aligned Selling methods to establish himself as a trusted advisor, and did it so well that the prospect canceled competitor demos.

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