Ezgi Tanisir, PMO manager Customer and Commercial Excellence at Bekaert

Switch to value selling

Ezgi Tanisir, PMO manager Customer and Commercial Excellence at Bekaert, testifies to the importance of training to be ready for these tougher customer conversations:

The current context requires a switch from product selling to value selling. That is a big challenge to tackle. Therefore, we really needed a customized training program, also taking into account that the participants in such trainings often have an engineering background. The holistic approach combined with the truthful cases, tailored for Bekaert, made an impactful training.

Blended learning

Learning a research-based methodology provided a “common language” within the company. The blended approach combined instructor-led classroom with virtual session, experience sharing, learning nuggets, role-play based certification, and an assessment and development report to create a comprehensive program and impact.

The close coordination between the sales leaders and Perpetos coaches was key to creating the tailor-made solution that was needed. Perpetos’ ability to deal with a very diverse population in terms of functions, (inside sales, external sales, key account managers, etc), different cultures (US, Asia, EU) and diverse business dynamics (from transactional to complex sales) was valued by the team.

More confidence, better results

Nearly 100 Bekaert employees have already been able to experience the training, and feedback has been very positive. The team gained insights into what they were missing, the interactive Bekaert-related role-plays were meaningful to the current situations, and a start – stop – continue exercise provided practical insights to engage the team with a methodological approach to improving their negotiation talks.

The entire training and learning experience provided by the Perpetos trainers and the active participation and 1:1 sessions have allowed the Bekaert team to handle their sales conversations with more confidence, resulting in better results.

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