MEGA International – a large French supplier of the best software for harmonising business processes with corporate strategy, according to Gartner – has undertaken an internal transformation project, under the leadership of CEO Lucio de Risi, in an attempt to strengthen the company internationally. Among other things, sales and marketing need to collaborate better with more focus on the customer.

Understand your customers and how they want to buy

Sales and marketing need to learn to speak the same language. Employees who work and think differently do not help progress your business.

We wanted all our salespeople worldwide to work in the same way, using the same terminology in communications and discussions. This new approach has had a positive effect on our internal operations and resulted in the whole company becoming stronger and working more efficiently

Lucio de Risi, MEGA CEO

MEGA’s sales team used to spend too much time considering the best way to sell its products, but this conventional way of thinking is now a thing of the past. This is because every client has their own internal rules and buying cycle.

“Do you want to sell? Then start by understanding your customers and how they want to buy. This means marketing communication is essential for more efficient interaction with clients.”

Lucio de Risi

So giving priority to internal sales processes for a potential customer’s buying cycle doesn’t work.

“Your way of thinking is logically not your client’s way of thinking, so make sure you know your client’s buying cycle before designing your company’s sales actions accordingly.”

Lucio de Risi

Everyone on board

A transformation project only succeeds if you have explicit objectives based on a clear vision and strategy.

“It’s important that both the management and the HR department support this transformation. They have to help implement the internal change and thought process. There will always be some people who don’t respond positively to a different way of working, which is why a strong strategy, training and constant internal communication is essential.”

Lucio de Risi

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