There was one subject that kept coming up for discussion in various talks at our recent VOV fair. Local branches of multinationals are given a vision with a number of central themes, but we don’t always know how best to deal with them. Many people have practical plans for implementing conceptual values in a pragmatic way, but value decisions are not always paid sufficient attention when they’re made 10,000km away.

Nonetheless, entire organizations benefit from sharing general company values, because they enable everyone to work towards the same goals, and employees’ engagement with the company increases because they feel more involved. It’s also important for directors to fully implement values and ensure they are in line with employee activities for the business strategy to be executed successfully.

So when you receive a video call from Seoul, for example, saying there needs to be more passion in 2014, or a greater eye for detail or something, how do you deal with it?

  1. Make the values specific for each department and role in your organization. What does passion mean for your technical aftersales department? What does XYZ mean for the processing of supplier invoices? Find, together with the management team, the concrete ways that employees benefit from the values.
  2. Continue to communicate the values throughout the year and use all existing internal communication resources for feedback and evaluation. Be specific with your values: how you need to apply them in specific situations, where a mistake was actually made, what was the outcome, who was affected, and what were personal successes.
  3. Include the values in all forms of evaluation to assess how they affect employees.