360 buyer alignment

360° Buyer Alignment – Do you master the 4 disciplines to be successful in hybrid sales?

Customers no longer want to spend time educating sales about their needs, but demand relevant interaction from the

Customers no longer want to spend time educating sales about their needs, but demand relevant interaction from the first second. One of the symptoms is the difficulty in obtaining an appointment.

Sales who master the 4 disciplines of 360° Buyer Alignment stand out in the marketplace and better meet the needs of customers in the digital age. Admittedly, at first this sounds like parts of a heptathlon and because of the rings in the illustration below, it seems like sales has become an Olympic discipline.


Let’s turn this into a question for a moment:

Which of the 4 disciplines is a challenge for you? (Click the box according to your choice in the visual):


Buyer Alignment

Effective Selling Skills

Personal Connection

Digital Enabled Commercial Activities

Bringing value

Building trust

Building rapport

Modern selling


Building trust: create and build trust by being attuned to each step in the buying process of those involved. Only then will the customer be open to heeding your value-adding messages.

How do you create trust throughout the stakeholders coping with diversity in roles, expectations, personalities, buying phases, …?

How do you align your touchpoints, adapt your messaging and the value you bring to further enhance trust?

Indeed, all four disciplines are vital for success.

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Bringing value: lies at the interface between sales skills and alignment to the customer's real needs.

Is it clear to the customer what your benefits mean to him?

Is the value you think you bring also the value the buyer hopes to buy?

Does the value you bring translate to information the customer needs to speed up or shorten the buying cycle?

What digital enabled activities are you planning along the buying cycle and how are these taking into account different personalities and communication preferences, to enhance personal connections and build trust and rapport ?

Indeed, all four disciplines are vital for success.


Building rapport: strengthen the relationship with the people involved, by taking into account the personality and communication preferences of each person. (People Skills)

Are you able building rapport with all relevant stakeholders?

What is the impact on your relationship(s) if you are not aligned to their (individual) buying cycle or not bringing the right value in each phase?

What content can you use to stay relevant during your touch points to strengthen your relationship(s)?

How can you create more engagement?

Indeed, all four disciplines are vital for success.


Modern Selling: more and shorter contact moments have been adopted by the mandatory digital contact moments during the lockdown. Are you using the right mix of all communication channels to become and stay 'top of mind'?

How do you align your mix to the different phases of the individual buying cycle of the stakeholders?

What if you don’t have the necessary info on where they stand?

How can you still enhance your relationship(s) by using less face-to-face and more digital contact moments?

What is the impact of this on your understanding into where the customer is in the buying cycle?

Indeed, all four disciplines are vital for success.

360 buyer alignment
Building Trust
Bringing Value
Modern Selling
Building Rapport
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Having the right conversation at the right time with the right people involved
Applying and rolling out in your organization

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