7 tips to increase your impact on your market

7 tips to increase your impact on your market

Your sales and marketing activities need to help you increase the impact on your customers and markets.

Your sales and marketing activities should impact your customers as well as your market.
How can this be planned and executed?

Here are 7 proven tips to consider:

1. Use buyer personas
2. Don’t use transparent sales “techniques”
3. Use proper collateral and support during sales meetings
4. Compete by demonstrating the positive impact on the customer
5. Provide relevant content for your customer (in a smart manner)
6. Establish a lead qualification process
7. Make sure your data is clean and high-quality

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Pascal supports organisations in delivering commercial excellence in the areas of Sales Enablement, Content Strategy and Buyer Journey Enablement. His pet projects are about helping companies overcome challenges due to the empowered customer and thus evolving into buyer-aligned organisations. His executive experience in private, VC-backed and public companies enables doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. Don’t hesitate to contact Pascal for expert advice: pascal@perpetos.com